Meet the team

Simon Glendenning

Simon’s background includes growing startups and also leading large international teams in payments across APAC and EMEA. 

Most recently he sold Welcome Fit, an online fitness business, right before lockdowns made the platform surge in growth.

It was a battle to overcome the sense loss and misfortune, especially considering that Simon was down to the final days of securing a new and exciting executive role back in payments before hiring freezes hit.

Simon’s perspective shifted to gratitude, as he realised how awesome it was to be able to see a platform he had worked so hard to create, grow so fast and help so many people.

Accepting the misfortunate timing of things, he could see that there were many more people who were hit harder and needed urgent help, so he decided to do something about it.

Raised Hand was created with a single purpose in mind:  make it easy to get the help required, from the people willing to provide it.

Felicity Selkirk
Web Designer

Felicity Selkirk is the founder of Website Projects, whose industry success has been gained via her client support and management philosophy, coupled with a dedication to strong, enduring client / agency relationships.

Obsessed with building beautiful, highly functional website solutions, Felicity’s hands on approach focuses on empowering clients through clear lines of communication, training and education.

A highly motivated champion of digital technologies, with an international client base, Felicity has built Website Projects to be a highly regarded multi-sector web development agency having developed solutions covering telehealth, education resources, ecommerce and application development.

Felicity is a judge of the Australian Web Design Awards, where her user experience expertise helps honour Australia’s most outstanding websites.